Julies F-14

This is a foamy, but it’s a really is nice one. It uses five channels; the fifth one is for the swing wing and is very light.  Julie’s primary plane is a Cessna 182 that has been modified for grass fields.  This one does not have too many hours on it due to its small wheels.

Four Star 40
Converted to electric
E-fliteŽ Power 46
4S 5000ma 45c battery
Flying weight 5.5 lbs.

Just recently finished, this kit sat on a shelf in the garage for over five years with the wings 90% complete.  It seemed everything was in need my attention and there was no time for a hobby of any kind. Then one day Julie and I stopped into a local hobby shop and bought an inexpensive park flyer.  We both had fun with it and this lead to a bigger park flier, and so on.  At the time of this entry, this plane has not yet flown but I am eager to rectify this.  Last weekend it made it out to the local flying field but it was just too windy for a first flight.  I’m not going to be doing the initial flight trimming and fighting a strong wind at the same time.  I like this plane too much.

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